Stone Village Church Bible Study is an open ministry tailored for our LGBTQI friendly, contemplative community in the Short North of Columbus. Join us weekly.

                                   B.S. @ The Stone

Is our version of Bible Study. Our weekly conversations are be guided by published curriculum, the Bible, theological reflections and personal narratives, which are tweaked to fit our needs as an urban and inclusive community. Our goal is not to memorize the Bible or to become a person of religious certitude regarding all things God. Our goal is to allow God to take root in our lives, to change us, to inspire us, and to help us to become our best self, and perhaps, in time, God will do something amazing within us and through us. 

All of Stone Village's Bible Studies are open ministry offerings. If you have questions about any of our Bible Studies, please contact Pastor John

I Have Problems With the Bible

This Fall's small group study is an eight-session course designed to deconstruct false notions about the Bible while providing the essential building blocks needed to start reconstructing a healthy understanding of the Bible's nature and its interpretation. 


Sessions will led by John Wooden, Chad Johns, and Steve Flowers. The course will begin with an opportunity to discuss what the Bible has been to participants and then teach sessions on the nature of the Bible and its interpretation, including the “clobber verses” which have been erroneously cited to condemn LGBTQ persons and other passages that support LGBTQ persons.


This 8-week course will meet at Stone Village Church, beginning Thursday, September 12 at 6:30 pm. 

If you would like to participate in the course, please take a moment and register here.