Stone Village Church provides diverse small groups to both members & visitors to our Short North & downtown Columbus faith community. You are welcome here.

    Life Groups

The depth and meaning of Christian life is measured by our commitment to God and to our neighbor. Our commitment to be present in the valley and on the mountain top. Our commitment to question our purpose and our role in the world. Our commitment to explore God's call upon our lives. Our commitment to live faithfully. Our commitment to grow into our fullest potential as God's Beloved in the world.

Life groups are about asking questions, discovering and practicing the answers, and then asking the question again, together. They’re about learning to love God and our neighbor with our whole self, in our stillness and activity, at church and far outside it.

Life groups require a commitment. Generally a life group will meet for 5 weeks on a designated day and time. The place depends on the life group but generally they gather within Stone Village. 

If you're interested in joining a life group, register here, or have questions, please contact

Pastor John

Life Group Offerings

Life comes at you fast and sometimes what we need most is a community to support us, nurture us, and listen to us.  

  • Saturday & Wednesday Life Group

    Our Saturday and Wednesday Life Groups are composed of men and women (gay, straight, rich, poor, young, old and everyone in between) seeking simple and meaningful connection on their life's journey. They gather and share their stories, their hopes, their fears and their journey with God. The life groups are facilitated by members of Stone Village Church, and the groups meet on Saturday morning at 10:30 am and Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm. 

  • Family Life Group

    As our young families continue to grow in number, we acknowledge and honor the dymanic change new life has upon an individual and upon a family, and the need of our young parents to share their journey, their struggles, their sleepless nights, and their joys with a community that understands.

    Our Family Life Group gathers one Saturday each month to explore and answer questions of faith as well as share in a meal together. Additionally, once a month, with babies and toddlers, our families engage in a community activity. 

  • Dinner for 8

    The premise is simple. Get to know your neighbor.  Members of our community, eight to be exact, are assigned to a dinner group, and once a month the dinner group gathers in either a member’s home or at a restaurant and share a meal. 

  • Cornerstone Prayer Group

    The Cornerstone Prayer Ministry is a group of individuals, prayer warriors, within our community, who seek to bring prayer to God on behalf of those in need within our community and beyond our community. Weekly, they pray over prayer requests, and once a month, they gather to pray as a community.

    In addition to individual prayers, during the month of August, the prayer team will continue praying the Beatitudes. This month’s focus will be “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they will be called children of God.” To submit a prayer request, please contact the Cornerstone Prayer Group.